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Claude Shannon and Alan Turing, codebreakers and pioneers of the Information Age!

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Dear Woodger, Unfortunately Wilkinson & I have both arranged to go on leave just this moment when you are coming back. I expect you can keep yourself fairly busy though. You could:


2) Try and help other people in Division doing ACE jobs.

3) Read the folder

4) Read some good book

5) Relax

I hope you really are all right. It is a shame to have you come back and find the place deserted. You might be wise to have a relapse for a week.


Alan Turing.

Alan Turing in a note adressed to his first assistent at NPL, Mike Woodger. (via freewomenxgrape)

Love Alan Turing’s letters… One thing I think The Imitation Game got wrong was his sense of humor, warmth, and close friendships. Many people have spoken about him fondly, and his letters are usually full of charm and little jokes.

New year – let’s make a change!!!

New year – let’s make a change!!!